Learning Goal: I’m working on a environmental engineering question and need support to help me learn.

I have only 3 questions for practice environmental engineering. I attached the questions below.

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Homework #1
1. The ground water in City X, which is the source of the city’s drinking water, is contaminated
with 5 µg/L of benzene.
(a) If you lived in City X your whole life, what would be your cumulative lifetime dose?
(b) Suppose you lived in City X for only 10 years, what would be your Chronic Daily Intake?
(c) Suppose you lived in City X for only 10 years, what would be your cancer risk? Assume a cancer
slope factor of 0.015 kg-d/mg, would this risk be larger if you lived in City X all your life? Why?
2. The U.S. drinking water standards for the following carcinogens are given below. For each
carcinogen, determine the lifetime individual cancer risk and the incremental cancer risk per year
in a population of 300 million people. Calculate the risk based on residential exposure factor
recommended by the EPA.
(a) Arsenic, MCL = 0.01 mg/L, and SF = 1.5 kg-d/mg
(b) Trichloroethylene (TCE), MCL = 0.005 mg/L, and SF = 1.1×10-2 kg-d/mg
3. Suppose the drinking water contains 5.0 mg/L of phenol, 0.5 mg/L of xylene, and 0.35 mg/L
of acetone. If a 70-kg adult drinks 2.0 L per day of this water for 20 years, calculate the hazard
index and discuss whether this is a safe level of exposure.



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