Enterprise Risk Management

Subject: Enterprise Risk Management 

Question 1: Write a 350+ word essay (APA format & latest scholarly journal article references 2016 on words)

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Enterprise Risk Management
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After reading both articles this week, and any other relevant research you locate, please discuss the following:

Please summarize, in your own words, a description of enterprise risk management. Why do you feel ERM is different from traditional risk management?

Beasley, M. S. (2016). What is Enterprise Risk Management? Retrieved from https://erm.ncsu.edu/az/erm/i/chan/library/What_is_Enterprise_Risk_Management.pdf

Hopkin, P. (2017). Fundamentals of Risk Management: Understanding, Evaluating and Implementing Effective Risk Management (Vol. Fourth Edition). New York: Kogan – Pages 96-103. ( Part Two, Section 08 Enterprise Risk Management )



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