Enterprise Identity Systems (Authentication and Authorization)

Authentication via the corporate directory and authorization via group membership still remain two of the important mitigations that have been implemented.

Having reviewed the available mitigations, which attack surfaces seem to you to be adequately protected? And, concomitantly, which attack surfaces still require an adequate defense?

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Enterprise Identity Systems (Authentication and Authorization)
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In order to prevent an attacker from obscuring an attack or otherwise spoofing or fooling the security monitoring system, the business analytics activity and event log files should only be readable by the security monitoring systems. And the log files permissions should be set such that only event-producing modules of the business analytics system may write to its log file. Although it is true that a superuser on most operating systems can read and write any file, in this way, attackers would have to gain these high privileges before they could alter the log files that will feed into the security monitoring system.


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