Engineering: Application of OR in Evacuation Planning

Topic: Impression of OR in Colliquation Planning Instructions: 1. This is an identical purpose. 2. Write an disquisition on the impression of OR in colliquation planning. The tediousness of the disquisition should be 2000 to 4000 expression plus figures and tables. 3. This purpose can be (1) a all lore re-examination, (2) an impression of OR in any particular colliquation planning quantity, or (3) single or two condition studies. 4. Provide a lore re-examination and catalogue any available references in the disquisition. If the disquisition itself is a lore re-examination, it must be a all single. 5. You may argue any difficulties in the collation of the facts, in setting the external, in edifice the mathematical type, or in making the assumptions.


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