Energy Yield from Glucose Metabolism

· Net yield per glucose

· From glycolysis – ____ ATP

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Energy Yield from Glucose Metabolism
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· From citric acid cycle – _____ ATP

· From electron transport chain – ______ or ______ ATP

· Energy content

· Reactant (glucose) 686 kcal

· Energy yield (36 ATP) 263 kcal

· Efficiency is ____%

· Rest of energy from glucose is lost as ___________

II. ATP Production in the Absence of Oxygen

a. Anaerobic respiration

i. Occurs in a few ___________

ii. Similar to aerobic respiration except that the final electron acceptor is an inorganic molecule other than oxygen (sulfate, nitrate).

iii. Produces about the same amount of ATP as aerobic respiration, but the rate is a bit slower. (Oxygen “pulls” electrons more efficiently.)


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