End-of-Life Care for Terminally Ill Clients

a. CMHCs ensure that clients receive quality end-of-life care for their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs. This includes providing clients with an opportunity to participate in informed decision-making regarding their end-of-life care, and a thorough assessment from a qualified professional of clients’ ability to make competent decisions on their behalf.

b. CMHCs are aware of their own competency as it relates to end-of-life decisions. When CMHCs assess that they are unable to work with clients on the exploration of end-of-life options, they make appropriate referrals to ensure clients receive appropriate help.

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End-of-Life Care for Terminally Ill Clients
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c. Depending on the applicable state laws, the circumstances of the situation, and after seeking consultation and supervision from competent professional and legal entities, CMHCs have the option to respect the confidentiality of terminally ill clients who plan to end their lives.


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