Employee Selection and Termination

ASSIGNMENT is worth 100 points

Catholic Healthcare hired Ron to review the security policies and procedures related to employee selection and termination. Ron has been instructed to meet with the HIM director and determine where the HIM department may have additional requirements for its remote coding staff.

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Employee Selection and Termination
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1. For which of the administrative safeguards should Ron expect to see policies or procedures relating to the HIM department?

2. Which of the physical safeguards apply to the remote coders?

3. What other risks should the HIM director address?



Create a table that displays each type of Medicare Payment Methodology and how it works.  The table should be created in a way that displays how each method works in comparison to the others.  Choose at least four to display a detailed comparison.  Be creative with color and chart/table selection type.  This table can be submitted in a Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document.


· APA format

· Minimum two resources


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