Employee Satisfaction at Retail Stores

Project Overview
Each team will be required to prepare a research proposal on a topic dealing with a customer-focused problem. The specific topic chosen should be one that captures a problem that managers encounter frequently. Note that no data are actually collected in this project; rather, the focus is on proposing a comprehensive research design. I have also attached the 2 peer review articles the Results and Analysis and Expected Results and Analysis should be coming from. By the way I also attached a sample paper that should be followed.
The topic is listed below.

  • Employee Satisfaction at Retail Stores

Research Report

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Employee Satisfaction at Retail Stores
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  • The output of this project will be a 825 to 1050-word report that presents the results and recommendations in a readable format. The report should contain the following sections for Employee Satisfaction at Retail Stores:


  • Expected Results and Analysis– The expected, hypothetical results of your research. You may include statistics (average score or response), graphs, or some other way of displaying and explaining the results.
  • Expected Conclusions and Recommendations– The answer to the following question: “Based on these results, what can you conclude, and what are your recommendations for action steps or further research?”


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