Emerging Technologies



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Emerging Technologies
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w and emerging technologies have transformed healthcare in recent years. Hospitals and physician offices large and small have implemented new technologies to respond to a changing regulatory environment and to improve the overall quality of care for patients. Not only toward patients, but IT offers a significant change in the purchasing department also.  The department is a team formed to help the hospital to save money, lower patient costs, and become more efficient.  The healthcare supply acquisition process is very complex. So, the healthcare system help team to select vendors with a low price and good quality products. Moreover, many informatics systems are used to track the stock available in the hospital which helps to improve the efficiency of the hospital. (Pruitt et al., 2021)

Any private and public hospitals need to take the right decision regarding the investment in the right hospital management system as well as demanding an excellent analysis deal. they should check whether the healthcare informatics system can fulfill their objective goals to provide exceptional support to their financial gains and their patients. there is a certain thing that a manager should do when choosing a healthcare system. brainstorming with stakeholders, healthcare informatics system software demo, HIS customization & stability, data transactions & HIS software setup, up-gradation & support. (“How to choose the best Hospital Management System (HMS)”, 2021)

The implementation process is complex, including components such as tailoring the system to support safe, high-quality patient care and ensuring contingency plans are established to address system downtimes. Health IT system implementation is a multi-stage process. When implementing a health IT system, it is critical to consider first what care processes it needs to support and how the hardware and software should be set up to support them in inpatient- and clinician-friendly ways. Moreover, Successful implementation involves assessing multiple aspects of communication within and outside the health IT system, the integration of its components with one another, and its interaction not only with other technology but also the people, processes, and culture of the organization. Last but not least Patient identification processes are also important to consider during implementation. A well-planned configuration alone does not ensure accurate patient identification. An organization implementing a health IT system should consider how its new technology will handle generating new patient records, patient registration, and retrieval of information


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