Emerging Technologies: TOPIC/Organization is “KODAK”

Journal Assignment #3: Emerging Technologies

TOPIC: What are the technologies that have allowed your choice to succeed in the market? What technology choices have they made that positioned them to better appeal to the market, to grow in sales/revenues/donations/membership/etc.? TOPIC/Organization is “KODAK” for the 1st two journals. So, the Journal has to be related to the KODAK)

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Emerging Technologies: TOPIC/Organization is “KODAK”
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For the Journal 3 Assignment, you may pick any emerging technology, as long as it has made it through the innovation stage (I have attached the transcript of the SLIDES/VIDEO for the MODULE). You may apply it to the organization you’ve used for your other assignments, or choose a different one—completely up to you. But you may NOT lift sentences word-for-word from your own papers, or those of others. Your discussion and narrative must be original. For your research paper topic, please follow the template that you have been given.

You will write a journal entry of at least 2.5 pages of content (Must be: 12 pt. Times New Roman double-spaced) in current APA format that focuses on that module/week’s topic. Evaluation will center on the degree to which the entry demonstrates a full understanding of the topic as well as the potential for successful application of technology.

To get you started, one primary web news site has been provided in the Reading and Study folder that exhibits an exemplary journalistic approach to covering emerging facets of the assignment.

REFERENCES to be Mandatorily USED:





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