Emerging Technologies in access to patient records

Because Pete accessed Winnie’s record using mobile and wireless technology, the United General is concerned about their approach to emerging technology. To deal with this potential threat, the United General brought in a security consultant to assess the hospital’s technology environment. The consultant found that the wireless network is unprotected, allowing for unauthorized access to patient records and hospital personnel records. To address this issue, you are tasked to work with the security consultant to describe the role that emerging technologies played in the “United General Hospital Patient Privacy Case Study” document.

Develop a report for the security consultant that addresses the following (5–7 pages):

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Emerging Technologies in access to patient records
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  • Evaluate the role that emerging technologies play in access to patient records.
  • Create policy statements for the use of wireless technology and access.
  • Describe relevant training topics for staff in order to introduce emerging technology, and educate them regarding the possibilities presented by emerging technology.


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