“Embryos Produced During IVF Should Be Considered Children”

Please find a source that is for the issue or support the issue “Embryos Produced during IVF should be Considered Children” and answer the questions:

    1. What is the team’s debate topic, and what position is the team taking on this topic?
    2. What is a reason the team’s position is the right one (ethical)? In addition, for the reason the team is to provide a reference for a source that supports it. The Reference is to be in APA format. The format for the team’s reason is to look something like this:


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“Embryos Produced During IVF Should Be Considered Children”
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The team’s position on _[the topic] is right because:

    • provide one reason_________________________________________________ _
      • write the reference for source 3. Based on the reasons provided above, what is the team’s thesis statement? 4. What data does the team have to support the reasons given above? Present the data below, in whatever form is legible, and provide a reference in APA format for the source of the data.

Requirements: It depends

You found a source for this topic for me last time, so if you feel that it is a perfect source, please use it to do this assignment! This is the source :

Henness, S. (2005). Embryos: Children or Commodities? Retrieved on 6/03/2021. https://digitalcommons.cedarville.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1033&context=cedar_ethics_online


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