Elements of the Speech Situation

When you analyze the speech situation, you should consider where you will be speaking in relation to whom you will be speaking to, including the physical space and the general characteristics of your probable audience.

Physical Location

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Elements of the Speech Situation
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Where and when you give a speech influence how you will relate to your audience. Suppose you want to give a pep talk to your classmates about a group project you are working on for a sociology class. The only space you can find to talk is a very small janitor’s closet, replete with a sink and mops. How would this determine what you can and should say — and how you would say it?

Analyzing the Speech Situation at a Glance

The room has a large window in the center of the wall. The bed by the window has a headboard. A study table on the left of the bed has a computer and a lamp on it. There is a small cabinet to the right of the bed.


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