Effective Moments

Effective Moments


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Effective Moments
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As you read the short stories this week (and last week), be aware of moments that seem particularly meaningful and/or effective. As much as we exhaust ourselves in poetry over every word and line, a short story writer must do the same.


In a 3-paragraph response (1 page), choose one passage (it could be as brief as a sentence) that stands out for you from one of the short stories below. The passage from the story is not part of the 3-paragraph length you are writing.


  1. Explain what works about this passage in terms of what it contributes to the story?
  2. Where it appears in the story, and what would be lost in the tension without this moment?
  3. Is it the tension that is created in a particular moment?
  4. Is it an example of vivid imagery?
  5. Is it a thought that provides key insight into a character?



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