Effect of Climate Change on model parameters

There are different model parameters that a given model can constitute to represent the physical system to modeled. Some of them are related to soil, geology, land use and land cover. Assessment of climate change impact on the hydrologic cycle is not complex comparing to climate change impact on the model parameters. According to(Mujere & Eslamian, 2014), climate change can affects the precipitation, evaporation, groundwater recharge, and soil moisture of the main hydrological components that are linked with the change in atmospheric temperature and global radiation.

Soil related Model Parameters

Soil infiltration capacity, moisture holding capacity, water logging and cracking of the soil are some of soil characteristics that affected byclimate change and related to the model parameters (Mujere & Eslamian, 2014). Infiltration capacity and the hydraulic conductivities of the soil are the two mainly govern movement of water in the soil. In other word, thequantity of water stored in the soil has an influence on the rate of actual evaporation, transpiration from vegetation, groundwater recharge, and generation of surface runoff(Mujere & Eslamian, 2014).

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Effect of Climate Change on model parameters
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Land Use Land Cover Related Model Parameters 

Land use change and climate variabilityspatially and temporally can affect the soil water content and the rate of evapotranspiration which are an important factors that influencing the hydrological conditions(Li et al., 2009).


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