Education Practicum Case Study

Education Practicum Case Study

Topic:  Cultural Humility

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Education Practicum Case Study
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Part I

It is 7 am the morning of clinical and you receive a call from one of your clinical students.  She tells you that she cannot care for the patient you assigned to her.  You ask her why and she states as she was reviewing the chart she discovered the patient is from the state penitentiary.  She further states she then asked one of the staff why the patient was in prison and found out that she is serving a 20-year sentence for child abuse.  You ask her which part of the patient’s clinical needs/issues does she not feel competent to care for the patient.  She again states she cannot care for the patient, as she is a prisoner.  You tell her you to meet you in the nurses’ lounge immediately.

Question #1:  As the nursing instructor, should you have assigned this type of patient to a student? State your rational for the answer?  (Cite a minimum of one scholarly reference)

Question #2: Was it appropriate for the student to ask a nurse about the patient?  Are any legal/ethical issues about patient care violated?  (Cite a minimum of one scholarly reference)


Part II:  You meet with the student and discuss her refusal to care for the patient although the patient’s medical issues align with the clinical and course objectives.  The student tells you that she does not believe this woman deserves any care and she should suffer for what she has done.  You discuss with the student the issue of Cultural Humility.  You tell the student that she either must care for the patient or accept an Unsatisfactory for the clinical day.  The student tells you she will take the Unsatisfactory.  You leave to inform the staff that the student will not be caring for the patient.  When you return, the student has left the clinical area.

Question #3:  Is it fair to expect a student to care for a patient when they cannot apply the principles of Cultural Humility in the patient’s care?  Explain your answer.  (Cite a minimum of one scholarly reference)

Question #4: As the instructor, why was it important to you that the student care for this specific patient? (Cite a minimum of one scholarly reference)


Part III:  When you return to campus the next day, you see that the student has filed a grievance stating that the Unsatisfactory she received in clinical was given in a capricious manner with no regard for her feelings or moral stance.

Question #5:  Explain your rationale for your actions to the grievance committee.  (Cite a minimum of one scholarly reference)


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