Educating and Socializing Staff In a Learning Organization

  • Define a learning organization
  • According to Senge’s model, what are the key characteristics of the learning organization?
  • Compare and contrast the concepts of training vs education
  • In adult learning theory, define pedagogy an andragogy—what are the differences and similarities?
  • Define social learning theory and name three learning concepts that contribute to learning success
  • Describe barriers to adult learning



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Educating and Socializing Staff In a Learning Organization
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  • What characteristics support adult learning?
  • Describe the three most important reasons for staff development
  • Define the sequence for developing an educational program
  • How do you determine that learning has occurred in staff development?
  • Name and describe five strategies for promoting evidence-based practice in nursing
  • What are the principle tenets of socialization in nursing?


  • Who benefits from resocialization and why is it important to nurse managers?
  • What is the role of a preceptor?
  • Describe the mentoring characteristics
  • Why is it important to monitor for group norms? What are the risks when there are behaviors outside the norms?


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