Economic Policy

The final paper is a very significant assignment in this course and is meant to allow students to explore and analyze a policy issue in one of ten (10) specified areas of current debate at either the state or national level. In the paper, each student must explain, research, dissect and analyze the “why” of one of these selected public policy issues. Remember, the key assignment for this paper is to explain WHY the policy exists as it does. Avoid the temptation to focus on the what in this analysis.

The ten policy areas from which to choose are:

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Economic Policy
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  • Economic Policy
  • Tax Policy
  • Health Care Policy
  • Income Maintenance (Social Security/Welfare)
  • Education Policy
  • Environment (Pollution, Resources, Climate Change etc.)
  • Protective Policies (Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Defense)
  • Social Policy (Voting Rights, Reproductive Rights, Marriage and Partner Rights,)
  • Energy Policy (Anwar, Fracking, Coal, Nuclear, Solar)
  • Criminal Justice/Civil Justice Policy or Systems

For this first part of the overall final paper assignment, select a topic and prepare a summary of the topic (explain the policy issue and its importance to the public and why you are interested in this topic). This is a mini-proposal that explains and frames the topic. In addition to your summary you need to include an annotated list of at least four (4) sources to be used for the paper. Be sure to present literature sources as an annotated bibliography.

1) you should not repeat the same topic you chose for your advocacy paper

2) the citations in the annotated bibliography should not include class texts (although you will be asked to draw upon class texts, readings and concepts for your eventual analysis and application of theory)

3) the citations in the annotated bibliography are only a sample and working list of what you will use as references in the final paper


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