Economic Development and Economic Growth



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Economic Development and Economic Growth
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Assignment 5: Explain the difference between economic development and economic growth. Give examples of how each of these concepts can be measured.


The project should include the following things:

  1. Paper length
    1. Project should have a title list on first page font size not greater than 16.
    2. Header and footer should include student name, title of paper and page number
    3. Project should be two (2) typed pages double spaced, font size 12 in a readable font style like Times New Roman or Arial.
    4. Paper bibliography and body should follow the APA/MLS style of writing
    5. Paper should include a bibliography page with materials cited on that page and in body of paper.
  2. Body of paper should include at least 5 separate paragraphs include at least three complete sentences in each paragraph and written in third person tense.
  3. Paper should be clear of grammatical errors and contain proper pronunciation.
  4. Paper should include at least 3 graphs, tables or charts to illustrate information discussed in the body of the paper. The graphs, tables or charts will not be used to count for the two page length.



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