Eating Disorders

Goal: Resolve eating disorder


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Eating Disorders
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· Eat a balanced diet of foods and maintain good overall health

· Gain ____ pounds

· Loose ____ pounds

· Be free of binge eating/purging

· Remove junk foods from home and limit future purchases

· Recognize/list environmental and situational triggers and develop alternative behaviors for coping with them

· Recognize emotional triggers and develop alternative ways of strategies for meeting emotional needs


Enuresis and Encopresis


Goal: Be free of wetting/soiling


· Avoid drinking near bedtime

· Eat high-fiber foods and avoid foods that constipate

· Go to the bathroom before going out of the house

· Sit on the toilet for 10-15 minutes after meals

· Avoid hiding wet/soiled clothing

· Take responsibility for helping clean up (e.g., put wet/soiled items in soak bucket)


Expression of Feelings, Wants and Needs


Goal: Learn appropriate ways to express different feelings


· Share two positive experiences each week in which client is proud of how he/she has behaved

· Gain knowledge of different feelings

· Turn to adults for help when feeling sad, angry or negative feelings

· Express feelings verbally rather than whine and/or cry about them

· Learn to express feelings verbally without acting out


Family Conflict


Goal: Learn and use conflict resolution skills


· Recognize patterns of family conflict discuss weekly in therapy

· Avoid angry outbursts by walking away from stressful situations

· Get through X days out of 7 without fighting with siblings

· Be respectful of ____: Listen, follow directions and avoid talking back

· Be able to live together peacefully, free of all angry physical contact

· Learn three ways to communicate verbally when angry

· Be able to express anger without yelling and using foul language

· Explore and resolve conflict with ____

· Be able to stick up for self assertively, not aggressively

· Be respectful of adults/don’t talk back

· Get through a whole week without fighting with ____

· Speak in a clear and concise manner so others fully understand him/her

· Learn to express feelings verbally without acting out


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