Early Intervention Critical Analysis Case Study Guidelines –  Zika Virus

SPED 620 Early Intervention Critical Analysis Case Study Guidelines –  Zika Virus

Students will read/view a variety of different sources about Zika Virus(e.g. research articles, newspaper articles, podcasts, videos, etc.) and engage in discussion/activities about each assigned topic.

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Early Intervention Critical Analysis Case Study Guidelines –  Zika Virus
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Students will evaluate the quality of scientific information and analyze the connection of scientific research and application to personal, social or ethical issues in the modern world (i.e., Early Intervention, Environmental Sustainability and/or Social Justice).

Students will then complete a written critique and reflection for 3 different case studies. Papers should be 3 pages in length, using APA format. Students can earn up to 30 points each paper, per the following:


Summary of Topic5 points (approximately 1 page)

  • Provide a brief summary of the environmental risk factor (i.e., the topic): 2 points
  • Explain what the impact is on perinatal and early development: 2 points
  • Describe any treatment or other recommendations: 1 point


Critique of Current Scientific Evidence – 10 points (approximately 1 page)

  • Briefly review the current research on the topic; what are the major findings?: 2 points
  • Provide your own analysis of the quality of the existing research; what are the strengths and weaknesses?: 5 points
  • Share your recommendations for future studies; what are the priorities?: 3 points


Application and Reflection – 10 points (approximately 1 page)

  • Apply the information about the topic to the field of Early Intervention; what is the impact on young children and families?: 4 points
  • Reflect individually on what you’ve learned; what are the personal, social and ethical issues this topic raises for you?: 3 points
  • What are the implications for the field of Early Intervention, policy-makers, global leaders, etc.?: 3 points


Format and Proofread – 5 points

  • 3 double-spaced pages: 1 point
  • APA format, including in-text citations and reference page: 2 points
  • Written in a professional manner and is thoroughly edited: 1 point




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