E-Learning Assessment

Based on the lecture (Chapter5 Engineering Standards and Professional Societies):


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E-Learning Assessment
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Write an essay including both Part A and Part B by following APA Formatting and Style Guide for your report (include table of contents, abstract, introduction, conclusion, references etc.). Main body of report can be about 1-3 pages (excluding cover page, table of contents and references.):


PART-A: “The purpose of using Engineering Standards” give detail information.


PART-B: What are the typical Engineering Standards (provide names and numbers) required for a car design and manufacturing that Mechanical Engineers can use while working on an automotive project.






  • Handwriting is not acceptable due to requirement of similarity check in Turnitin.
  • Submission is individual to Moodle.
  • Use the cover sheet given in Page 1 (and delete the rest) of this document for your report.


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