Dominance in Basketball

LeBron James has many qualities that contribute to his effectiveness as a leader. He has physical power and the ability to dominate other players on the basketball court. He has great confidence in his basketball skills, which inspires teammates to perform at high levels as well. He is a consistent performer, being selected to play in 16 NBA All-Star Games. He is ambitious and determined to win championships. He has the endurance to play for many years to come, but even now is thinking about the next phase of his life, and the legacy he will leave behind. He operates out of a strong set of principles, such as giving back to his community. He has the emotional maturity and resilience to handle criticism and learn from it. His charisma has earned him spots on many magazine covers, and numerous invitations to host or be a guest on TV talk shows.

All of these individuals have exhibited exceptional leadership. While each of these leaders is unique, together they share many common characteristics. All are visionary, strong willed, diligent, and inspirational. As purpose-driven leaders, they are role models and symbols of hope. Reflecting on the characteristics of these extraordinary leaders will provide you with a better understanding of the traits that are important for effective leadership. Although you may not aspire to be another Bill Gates or Mother Teresa, you can learn a great deal from these leaders in understanding how your own traits affect your leadership.

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Dominance in Basketball
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