Does Unionization Introduce Democracy In The Employment Relationship?

Part 1

For this first discussion, consider the role of financial intermediaries (banks, credit unions, insurance companies, broker/dealers, etc.) and their impact in/on your economic life.

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Does Unionization Introduce Democracy In The Employment Relationship?
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What role do these entities play in both your personal and business lives…and, to what level/degree do you follow the level of interest rates and market (market index such as the ‘DOW’) valuations…?

This first weeks discussion is intended to offer plenty of ‘wiggle room’ for you to contemplate and comment on a vibrant market and your role and expectations in/within it.

Part 2

Does unionization introduce democracy in the employment relationship?

Clearly and concisely explain your response. Your post must have at least 200 words. Include in-text citations as well as a reference page (per APA 7th edition), which must include at least two references with one of them being our textbook. The initial response is due NLT 1159 on Thursday, 11 Mar 21. Reply to 2 (replies must be at least 100 words long) of your classmates NLT 1159 on Sunday, 14 Mar 21. If in doubt about how to do in-text citations or cite our textbook, refer to a document I have sent the class titled APA Template.

Part 3

Write a paper explaining whether you would or would not join a union and why. In your paper explain the role of unions in today’s society and tell me the advantages and disadvantages of joining a union.

Your paper must be between 250 and 400 words long. Include a cover page with a running head and numbered pages. Additionally, include the following information (centered) on your cover page:

Title of your paper. It should be in bold letters (only the title should be in bold letters). Skip an extra space between the title of your paper and your name.


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