Does Deviance Belong In Society?

Does Deviance Belong In Society?

To discuss whether certain behaviors are deviant—that is, straying from an acceptable norm—may imply that there is a clear arbiter of “normal.” But is human society that rigid? Or is society’s perception of “normal” fluid and more like a continuum? If deviant is a malleable term, then so too may be normal—so what would it mean to try to actually eliminate deviance?

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Does Deviance Belong In Society?
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In this Discussion, you consider the plausibility and implications of eliminating deviance, and perhaps thereby eliminating crime.


  • Is elimination of deviance a necessary, plausible, or ethical pursuit?
  • Is the prevention of crime possible?

Respond to two colleagues:

  • Choose a response that is different from your own.
  • Explain how your colleague’s position has changed your perception or understanding.


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