Document Databases

Document databases were designed to handle the storage and the management of large-scale documents. This type of database assigns a key value to each document. Documents may contain multiple key-value pairs, or key-array pairs, or even nested documents. Documents are encoded in a standard data exchange format such as XML, JavaScript option notation (JSON) or binary JSON (BSON). Document databases are recognised as a powerful, flexible and agile tool to store big data. In fact, because data is stored in an interpretable JSON formats, such stores support various data types and are convenient for developers.

In contrast to the key-value stores, the document stores offer a mechanism to query collections based on multiple attribute value constraints. In fact, while key-value stores enable to search for data only by key value, document databases allow users to search for data based on the content of documents. They can query either by keys, values or examples. In fact, the encoded documents contain metadata objects, so it is possible to query data by example

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Document Databases
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