Do you think Queenie is telling the truth?

a. Do you think Queenie is telling the truth?

b. Find all of the evidence you can that indicates whether or not Queenie is telling the truth. Make a list of all the evidence. Remember, evidence includes concrete, observable information (including written documents, material objects, object condition and appearance, personal testimony).

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Do you think Queenie is telling the truth?
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c. Next, explain how each piece of evidence supports your claim that Queenie is or is not telling the truth. Each explanation will be a generally accepted rule which may begin with phrases such as “As a rule…

Well, now it’s time to have a discussion with your classmates. Share out some of your pieces of evidence, observations, and general rules and warrants (justification for believing why you believe what you believe). Share some of your ideas and respond to at least two classmates in which you agree or disagree with them (and explain why).


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