DNA Molecule

1. Which human chromosome contains the largest DNA molecule? How large is it in base pairs (the answer is at the top of the screen beside the name of the chromosome)? (2 pts) ___

2. Which human chromosome contains the smallest DNA molecule? How many base pairs does it contain? (2 pts) ___

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DNA Molecule
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3. Which human chromosomes contain genes encoding H1 histones? Just select the ones that have H1 in the title. (use the Search bar on the left nav panel, type in histone H1) (3 pts) ___

4. What was the objective of the experiment carried out by Hersey and Chase? How was it accomplished, and what was the significance of the experiment? (2 pts) ___

5. Are the scaffolds of eukaryotic chromosomes composed of histone or nonhistone chromosomal proteins? (1 pt) ___


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