Diversity in Hiring

The topic for your Final Project can be anything covered in this course. Choose something that really interested you, something you would like to explore more fully, or something you might like to debate in class The product of your Final Project is up to you. You can write a paper, create a narrated PowerPoint or produce some other product that demonstrates your understanding of the subject you selected. Whatever option you choose, you must have at least three (3) properly cited references. (Note: a url, a link to a website, is not a proper citation.) Instructions for each option are detailed below. • Write a Research Paper • Create a Narrated PowerPoint. • Other: Come up with any presentation method you like, but you MUST connect with your instructor to get approval. Some options to consider are Prezi, webcast, formal outline, audio recording, infographic, etc. Your Final Project will be submitted in two parts. Part 1 in Session 12, and Part 2 in Session 14. To submit your Final Project, click on the link above. Scroll down to Section 2 (″Assignment Materials″) and then click ″Browse My Computer″ to find and attach your .doc or .docx file. Write any comments to your instructor in the ″Comments″ box. Click ″Submit″. After you submit your project, you can tell it has been received by clicking on ″My Grades″ in the main menu of the course. You will see a ″!″ in the grade book. After your instructor grades the assignment, you will see a score instead of the ″!″ Instructions for each project option: Write a Research Paper Your assignment should be 4-5 pages long (excluding cover page, attachments, etc.), double-spaced, using 12-point font and 1-inch margins. If your paper integrates information from published sources and/or you build on the work of others, you must be careful not to plagiarize. You can find information about plagiarism at the Plagiarism.org website; a link to this website has been provided under the ″Resources″ tab in the main menu of the course. Please also see the rubric posted under the ″Resources″ tab in the main menu of the course for additional guidelines on grading.

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Diversity in Hiring
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