Diversity DQ Response

Diversity DQ Response


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Diversity DQ Response
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Review the module resources and overview, then select a popular culture example. (It can be a television show, a commercial, a game, a movie, etc.). Analyze the representation and social message that is associated with the example. If you would like, you can select a particular episode of a show.

In your initial post, briefly describe the popular culture example you selected and address the following:

  • Wha- t is the composition of the primary characters, and what groups within diversity do they represent?
  • What is the latent (or unintended) social message or commentary about a particular group to society that is reflected by this example?
  • What are the social implications of this message? Briefly discuss any potential social impact or response to the example.

In response to your peers, provide feedback about the example used and the social message that was provided. Are there other messages being represented?


Kayla Gleason – Grey’s Anatomy has been a hit show on ABC since 2005. In the medical drama series it follows doctors at a large hospital in Seattle, Washington and the main characters face many struggles as new residents and as the series goes on they become top doctors. They have relationship drama, patient drama, surgical drama and so much more. These characters try to depict the life of everyday doctors in a dramatic and emotional light, but unfortunately it is more dramatic than realistic which is what makes people watch it so much! The reality is that doctors don’t have as much patient communication inpatient as much as they show in this series, the nurses are typically the communication between doctors and patients. The stress and struggles of social life outside of the hospital and surgeries is accurate, but not as dramatic as portrayed in the show. I believe the main message is to show doctors and medical personnel in a different light, in a dramatic, emotional, and fulfilling idea but in reality it is much more laid back then that and most doctors are not having sexual relations within the hospital and they have families and lives outside of the hospital as well.

As entertaining as the show is, it does not correctly show the lives of real doctors and surgeons rather, it is just a dramatic portrayal of a group of doctors at this hospital.



Gold Eneyo – I selected a movie called Crazy Rich Asians. I think it represented the relationship between the rich and poor in most countries. The movie was composted of Asian people, the group within diversity is wealth gap. The intended social message was that people should marry within their wealth gap and also children should listen to their parents when it comes to marriage. What we learned in the show, is that love comes in all shapes, wage gap, ethnicity and culture. Love, is not something that can be planed or arranged, in most cases. (My parents were arranged and are happy and in a strong marriage) No matter how rich you are, you can find love with someone as rich or not as rich as you. This message is very important. Everyone wants to find love, and most people are not in it to make money or for a come up. This reassures the notion that love is not based on money.


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