Who are you trying to recruit to work for you (i.e., your audience)?  Diversity is very important. Because of this we do not want to focus on any demographics in the hiring process. With that being said we are looking for experience and education. Experience can be just as beneficial as getting a formal education from a university , therefore, in order to make sure we have the best candidate recruited for the job, we want to ensure that we do not lean too heavily on the education aspect.

What sort of compensation and benefits package would you ensure is in place to recruit the best candidates for the position? With so many outside factors that individuals have to deal with when they leave work, we want to make sure that money is not something that our employees will have to worry about. It would be our mission to provide a compensation package that has been indicated by the recruited individuals. With these outside factors in mind, we will provide candidates with the option to work from home or the office or a mixture of both. Providing full benefit packages to employees that include bonuses, medical insurance, and 401k packages would also be a high priority.

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