Distinguish national and global culture

Distinguish national and global culture and the impact they have on the globalized workforce in order to contribute to human resource practices across countries and cultures


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Distinguish national and global culture
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Analyze and assess global human resource policies, practices, and functions in order to meet an organization’s goals and objectives while maintaining the values and traditions of the local culture.


The management team has now hired 4 managers, who are PCNs (parent country nationals). Now they need to figure out how to develop a compensation plan that is aligned with the company’s compensation but also takes into consideration the host country’s financial situation. You are asked to:


  1. Put together a compensation plan along with a balance sheet (see example I week 5). Assume that the base salary of a manager in the U.S. is $5500 a month. You may need to do some additional research to find out what taxes are in Florence, what is a typical housing allowance, and cost of living. Your balance sheet should reflect monthly amounts.


B. List the top three benefits that should be offered to the expatriate. Explain why you chose these as the most important.  Make sure the cost is included in your balance sheet.


Review the Balance Sheet Approach to Compensation in the course file “Global Compensation” in week 5.



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