Discuss the language you use

Based on your knowledge and the readings so far, discuss the language you use.  You should take into consideration factors such as where you were born, other places you have lived (as well as at what age you lived there and for how long), your socioeconomic status, your ethnicity, your gender, your sexual identity, your religion, your political leanings, the groups of which you are a member, and any other factors which you think might affect the way you speak.  What language(s) do you speak? If you speak more than one language, how do you decide which to speak? What dialects? If you speak more than one dialect, how do you decide which to use? How much slang do you use? Do you use profanity, and, if so, how often and how ‘offensive’? Does your job/major affect your language? How different is your spoken language from your written language? Your most formal and informal spoken language?  Do you pick up language from popular culture and social media? This assignment should be about 2-3 pages, double spaced. Your writing can be informal but should still be academic.

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Discuss the language you use
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