Discretionary Use Of Authority

Dane is in an electronics store where he and a couple of friends are searching for a potential gift to give to a friend. They are happy to find a video game that is on sale but decide to continue looking around the store. They decide to go grab a bite to eat before making a final decision on what to get for their friend. As they are walking out of the store, the security alarm goes off and the store’s security guard notices that Dane has the video game in his hands.

Officer Sutherland arrives at the scene and Dane explains to the officer that he did not intend to steal the video game and simply forgot that it was still in his hands.

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Discretionary Use Of Authority
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  • What should Officer Sutherland do?
    • Provide an explanation/justification for your chosen response including the role that discretion played in your decision.
      • Be sure to consider at least five of the provided factors in your explanation.
    • Use evidence and details from the scenario as well as supporting information and examples from the text in your response.


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