Disciplinary Awareness, Annotation

Scholarly work requires both extensive and close (i.e. slow, careful) reading. You can build up
your reading skills by annotating (or marking) articles as you read through them.
In your annotated readings, you will need to annotate all of the key terms related to key
concepts that we identify for you at the top of each article. You will also need to identify specific
rhetorical elements related to each article’s project.
How to annotate:
1. Open up the article in Adobe Reader. (Using Adobe Reader is especially important if
you have a Macintosh computer.)
2. Read the text through.
3. After you have read it, go through the text to find and underline the rhetorical elements
listed on “Annotation_Overview.docx.” Add a note that briefly describes why you think
that what you underlined is the rhetorical element that you are suggesting it is. (Use
the different colors associated with each rhetorical element.)
4. List the three key concepts your team has agreed on, using a “Text Box” comment
function in Adobe Reader, on the top of the first page.
5. Now, go back through and highlight all the key terms associated with each key concept;
make sure to use the color for each set of key terms that you indicated in the TextBox.
6. Save the annotated PDF and upload it to the submission site in Blackboard Discussion
Forum (“ClassWork”). Due by 15 minutes before the start of class on 9/11.
7. You will review your annotation with your team members, revise, and upload one
annotated copy as a team to the submission site in Blackboard Discussion Forum. Due
by the end of class on 9/11.

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