Disability &Age

Disability &Age

  • How has your own experience and observation of youth oppression  and/or elder oppression been similar and/or different from the  experiences and observations described in the “Voices” Section?
  • Whose voices are included in this chapter? What additional voices might be included in this chapter?


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Disability &Age
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  • What kinds of experiences or observations could be added to this section?
  • What are a few examples of intersections between youth and elder oppression and other forms of oppression?
  • If you were to write a testimonial (personal story) of your own  experience as a young person and/or as an elder with youth oppression  and elder oppression, what would you include in that testimonial? Write at least one full paragraph.

PART 2:  Ableism (from Ableism readings – Section 6)

What three Ableism chapters, resonated with  you?Explain? Think about : What impression did the chapters had on you?  What could you relate to?  What did you learn that was new for you?   What questions does it bring up for you?


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