Director of Engineering

We observed Frank Choy to hold all the “hard” sources of power of legitimate, reward, and coercive over Doctor Kalandry. As a new employee with no experience in the organization and very little industry experience, Frank holds none of the “soft” sources of expert and referent power.

ii. Contingencies of Power In his current role, Frank qualifies for three contingencies of power which puts him in an important role within the organization. He is the third person in his position in the last three years, where his two predecessors were either dismissed or quit. Frank is very substitutable and is seen as easily replaced in the organization. In addition, Frank has all the normal discretion of an executive director, but the company culture allows for very little conflict and as a new employee, it is understandable that Frank does not want to ruffle feathers within the organization. Finally, Frank and his Departments are very visible, especially to Production and Sales. Unfortunately, he receives more blame than credit for missed shipment and delivery dates.

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Director of Engineering
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