Digital Media and Society Dissertation Proposal

Nature of the Problem/Key Question to be investigated: (Approx. 300 words)

Here you should include:
• Your research project title.
• A brief introduction to the research problem.
• A summary of the project aims and objectives. It is common to have one main aim/question and two/three sub objectives/research questions.

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Digital Media and Society Dissertation Proposal
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⮊ Rationale/Significance of the research: (Approx. 300 words).

Here, you should include:
• An introduction to your study
• Aspects of your literature review to show why your study is important, timely, and why it has social relevance.

⮊ Conceptual Framework and/or Theoretical Perspectives: (Approx. 600 words)

Here you should outline:
Literature you have reviewed to define key terms, outline existing research, identify gaps in knowledge, state how your study will address these gaps, and summarise your rationale for conducting the study.
• Key theories you will draw upon in your study.
• How your project aims and objectives link to these theoretical aspects.
⮊ Research Approach/Methods (Notice that your methodology can include any of the research methods that you have learned in the course of SCS6107 Researching Society and SCS6081 Digital Methods) (Approx. 400 words)

Here, you should:
• Outline the key elements of your methodological approach, for example, will you use a qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods approach.
• Detail the specific methods you will use, how you will use them and why.
• If you are using a method whereby you will recruit participants, you should outline your sample and how you will recruit participants.

⮊ Ethical Issues (Approx 300 words)

Here you should outline any ethical considerations related to your project. This may include:
• Issues specific to your study, for example, if you are conducting particularly sensitive research.
• Standard ethical issues, for example, gaining informed consent and protecting participant’s anonymity etc.

⮊ Timetable: (Approx. 100 words)
Here you should include your timetable for completing your dissertation project. This should cover the time period February – September 2020.

⮊ References: (Not included in the word count).

Here, you should include at least 15 references upon which you will draw in your study, including;
Any that you have used within the research proposal.
You can also add additional references upon which you will draw when conducting your literature review.


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