Diffusion Welding

Consider the following scenario involving diffusion welding. Like other types of welding, the goal is to adjoin two or more pieces together. Diffusion welding is used when it is important not to have a visible joint in the final product while not sacrificing strength. A large apparatus like the one found in Figure 1.3 is used for this process. As you can see, a company is unlikely to have many of these on hand. In our application, we will consider welding together several small rods to make one longer rod. The pieces will enter the machine in place. Pressure is applied at the long rod ends. The red arrows show where heat is applied at each of the joints. The temperature at each joint is raised to a significant fraction of the melting temperature of the rod material. At these temperatures, material can easily diffuse through the joints. At the end of the diffusion process, the rod temperature is as indicated in the plot and color bar. The temperature is measured relative to the temperature at the rod ends, which is fixed at a cool temperature. After the rod cools there are no indications (macroscopically or microscopically) of joint locations.

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Diffusion Welding
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