UK and US Health systems

Differences between the UK and US Health systems

 I can start by stating that the United Kingdom has a health system where medical care for its population is public and of a social nature. This has therefore that the entire population has the right to obtain all medical care without paying anything. This results in the government presenting a lone payer mechanism with a uniquely controlled organization, being a much less complex mechanism than that of the United States. The funds used for said health system come from taxation taxes, causing sales and income taxes to reach a high level, concluding that such free care does not exist. On the other hand, dental health is not covered in this mechanism and prescriptions generally require a copayment.

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UK and US Health systems
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With reference to the United States, the health system is paid for by companies that offer private insurance, collect general and payroll taxes for users. An overly complex bureaucratic system has been established that negatively affects the performance of the providers who use the useful time to carry out administrative procedures. On the other hand, a positive aspect can be obtained within said malformed System, which is a Relief in preventive care, in infection control and fewer hospitalizations.

I can also comment that the System in our country, the United States, presents divisions, a high complexity, does not present a justice in its offer, presenting a high administrative price and a too long and bureaucratic system of paperwork, being a harmful element at the time d elide with insurance companies. As nurses, knowing the problems of our patients, we must become aware and raise our voice on behalf of our patients and our Society, with the aim of improving their care and jointly expanding the elements that are provided to improve the health of our patients. Society. By graduating from Nurses practitioner, we broaden our knowledge, which gives us the possibility of having more commitment to our Society. Through this commitment, we must defend and promote the adjustments that are necessary to ensure that the health of our country has a fair and affordable way for all spheres of our Society.


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