DHCPv4  Server

  • What scenarios do you think a router acting as a DHCPv4 server is the best  course of action?
  • If the DHCPv4  server is not configured, does the dhcp service running on the router pose  a security risk?
  • What happens if the default gateway of your host went down?
  • What would happen if there were two possible default gateways, but the one your host      connected to went down?
  • What configuration or process do you consider to be the cornerstone of layer 2 security?
  • In what instances would a dedicated management VLAN be too cumbersome to      implement?
  • How could DHCP Snooping negatively impact a user who is authorized to connect to the LAN?
  • What is it about the data that DHCP Snooping collects that is so foundational to other LAN security mechanisms?
  • Why are static routes a necessity in modern networks?
  • What is the drawback to using static routes in your network?
  • Given a topology, can you explain how a packet travels from source to destination?
  • Which commands would help you solve a static route problem


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