Developing a Successful Career

In 250 words or more, answer the following.

Many people dream about developing a successful career or owning their own business. In this week’s discussion, describe your dream career or an idea for a business that you might be interested in starting.

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Developing a Successful Career
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  1. How could you use the skills you’ve learned throughout this economics course to help you get started?
  2. How would learning about economics and personal finance help you navigate your career or operate a business?



In 250 words or more, answer the following.


Please respond to the following:

  • There is no real prominent certification in the programming industry that says to an employer that you have programming skills. What are some tips you have for your classmates on how you plan to showcase what you have learned as a programmer? How do you plan to document your education and experience in order to look valuable to a potential employer?


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