Developing a group

Total score out of possible 100 points: _____
Assignment – Group Intervention Design Assignment (100 points) –
The challenge presented in this assignment is to design an 8-week psychoeducation or therapy group for a specific population in which you have interest. Use the “Group Proposal” sections in Chapters 9 -12 of the textbook as a guide but use the following outline for the paper.
I. Introduction
II. Description of target population
1. General description e.g. adolescents who have lost a parent, sexual assault victims, adults with gambling addiction, etc
2. Special considerations (cultural and others) needed for the population chosen, for example what you need to consider for an adolescent group, a multicultural group, a group composed of Asian clients, a group of sexual assault survivors, etc. Use information provided in the textbook in Chapters 9 – 12 to point out specific considerations to be used for the populations discussed in each of those chapters
3. Consider all groups to be multicultural unless membership is designed for only one cultural/ethnic group
III. Group Goals
a. Include general goals and at least two measurable objectives. Each objective should answer the question “Who does what by when?” in order to be defined as measurable.
IV. Group Format
1. Research and report on group therapy approaches, interventions, techniques, methods and/or strategies from at least 2 journal articles, book chapters or websites. Suggested databases from the NMHU Library website include Academic Search Premier, Omni File Full-Text and Proquest Research Library. Do not use information from the course text for this section
2. Specify in detail what interventions, activities, methods, etc will be used in each of the 8 sessions. For psychoeducation groups, this should include the theme or topic for each group session. For therapy groups be sure to be specific about techniques, strategies, methods, etc. See example below. Be creative.
3. In session 1 or in a pre-group session, be sure to take care of needed issues of informed consent and confidentiality
V. Expected Group Outcomes
1. State what you feel the group members will learn from the group experience and what behaviors you expect will be changed
2. If you plan to use a method to measure effectiveness (qualitative or quantitative), explain it in this section.
The instructor estimates that the paper can be completed in 5-7 pages but there is no minimum or maximum number of pages. Use APA style when citing information from the textbook or other sources.
Goals of assignment
1. Students will demonstrate an ability to analyze the special needs of certain populations in group work settings and make adjustments to intervention styles and methods in order to better meet client needs.
2. Students will demonstrate the ability to perform research investigating effective group work methods for specific populations with specific presenting problems.
3. Students will demonstrate the ability to formulate measurable objectives.
4. Students will demonstrate the ability to formulate a sequential group work format plan to meet the needs of a certain client population.

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Developing a group
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