Determine the Standard error of the Mean, Cofidence intervals, and Parametic Assumptions

Part I. Inferential Statistics Concepts and Assumptions & Concepts

What is the standard error of measurement?
What is the standard error of the mean?
Please discuss the term confidence interval.
What are four main assumptions for parametric statistics?
Please discuss and explain in your own words each of the four main assumptions.
Why it is important to discuss or test the assumptions before conducting parametric statistical analyses?
Part II. Standard Error of the Mean and Confidence Intervals

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Determine the Standard error of the Mean, Cofidence intervals, and Parametic Assumptions
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A district-wide test is used to measure math aptitude in freshmen in high school students, with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 12. Thirty-six selected freshmen took the test, and their mean score was 85. You are tasked to examine if these students are significantly different from the district test group.

Calculate the standard error of the mean (SEM)?
After calculating the SEM, create a 95% confidence interval?
After calculating the SEM, create a 99% confidence interval?
Do these students have a similar or better score than the rest of the district students?

Part III. Testing for Parametric Assumptions

A movie company wants to test if there are movies that are preferred more by females and preferred more by males. The movie company surveyed 20 men and 20 women and showed half of each sample a film that was supposed to be a movie preferred more by females (The Notebook) and males (The Godfather). In all cases, the movie company measured their excitement as an indicator of how much they enjoyed the film. Please open the movie SPSS file, and answer the following questions:

Conduct the required analyses to test for the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of the variance for the two films from the data in the movie date file.
Please write a few sentences describing the assumptions required in this exercise and whether or not they were met. Please include information from the output to support your answers.
Remember that there are additional resources available in the Supplemental Resources under Course Resources from the course home page.

Length: Please complete the worksheet provided for this assignment.


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