Description and Importance of the Phenomenon

Description and Importance of the Phenomenon

The development of digitization has had a significant impact on consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour has been increasingly influenced in recent years in the online environment by what are termed ‘micro-influencers’ (Cxxxxxxx, 2xx). Rather than being celebrities in the traditional sense, these micro-influencers can be any “regular” person with a large social media following ((Cxxxxxxx, 2xx). Comment by Martin Walsh: Short backround to introduce the topic

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Description and Importance of the Phenomenon
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Studies have shown that consumers perceive micro-influencers as having more credibility and expertise, and consumers prefer to follow the advice of influencers when making purchases (XXXX, 2XXX). As a result, more and more brands are choosing to collaborate with micro-influencers to promote their products (Mxxxxxxx, 2XXXX). By leveraging their online appeal and influence, micro-influencer fans accumulated on social media platforms are converted into consumers of their products. Their trust in micro-influencers is transformed into recognition of their products or brands, resulting in consumer conversion. Comment by Martin Walsh: This paragraph introduces why companies choose to use microinfluencers

Cosmetic brands in particular have resorted to using micro-influencers to influence consumers’ decisions (AXXX, 2XXX). One of the most famous micro-influencers used by cosmetic brands in China is Li Jiaqi, who has nearly 50 million fans. Li Jiaqi actively cooperates with big cosmetic brands, such as Dior, Chanel and YSL. He also cooperates with many niche Chinese cosmetic brands. One of Li Jiaqi live-streaming demonstrations of one brand’s lipstick resulted in sales of 15,000 lipsticks in five minutes (TXXX, 2XXX), clearly demonstrating how valuable collaborating with a successful micro-influencer can be for cosmetic brands. Comment by Martin Walsh: This paragraph illustrates the use of mircoinfluencers by cosmetics companies – the focus of this research

In addition to increasing brand awareness and sales, collaborating with micro-influencers can also have cost-saving benefits for cosmetics businesses. …..

From a consumer perspective, given the growing use of micro influencers to market cosmetic products, it is important ….

Although micro-influencer marketing clearly has a significant impact on consumer purchasing and business marketing decisions, it has only became popular in the last decade. As a result, there has not been an adequate amount of research on this topic. Therefore, deeper investigation is required to examine how exactly micro-influencers impact consumers’ perceptions of brands and trigger consumers to make purchasing decisions. Our research aims to contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon by exploring the reaction and decision-making processes of young Chinese female consumers to micro-influencers used to promote cosmetics brands. Comment by Martin Walsh: This paragraph explains why this research is needed

Research Methodology

In order to understand how micro-influences influence consumer cosmetic purchasing decisions we believe that the most appropriate method is to collect the qualitative data by using the semi-structured interview. The reason for choosing this method is … Another reason for using the semi-structured interview as a data collection method is that the topic we … (XXX). Comment by Martin Walsh: explains why a particular research method is used ..


Because of the time-consuming nature of semi-structured interviews, we will only be able to interview about 10 participants. These participants will be found by .. .


Data from the interviews will be analysed using …


Contribution of Research to Academic Knowledge and Management Practices

From our research, we expect to gain a better understanding of how micro-influencers interact with the decision-making process of Chinese females when purchasing cosmetics. The desired results would show the different roles played by micro-influencers in various stages in the decision-making process and the corresponding influence levels. As such, our research could contribute to the knowledge of the study of micro-influencers, because it could offer insights and data about the impact of micro-influencers on a particular consumer group. Comment by Martin Walsh: the contribution of this research to academic study



This research will help cosmetic companies better understand the effectiveness of investing in micro-influencers promoting their products…..


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