Describe your center or school’s philosophy of assessment

For this assignment, create a PowerPoint Presentation to create your assessment plan. Your strengths-based and family-centered assessment plan must include the following sections:


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Describe your center or school’s philosophy of assessment
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  • Describe your center or school’s philosophy of assessment. Your philosophy must be supported by scholarly or credible sources.

Goals, Benefits, and Uses of Assessment:

  • Explain the purpose of assessment.
  • Discuss the assessment cycle.
  • Describe the principles of assessment that will guide the use of assessment in your center.

Types of Assessments: For each of the types of assessment listed below, you will need to define the assessment, provide a rationale for using this type of assessment, share an example, and explain at least one way you use the information from this assessment to inform your instruction.

  • Observations.
  • Checklists, rating scales, rubrics.
  • Teacher-designed assessments.
  • Performance-based assessments.
  • Standardized assessments.
  • Portfolios.

Using Assessments to Inform Instruction:

  • Analyze how the assessments you are using meet ethical standards
  • Examine how you use these assessments to make decisions; include specific examples
  • Discuss how you will use assessments to help ensure students are meeting their goals on their IEPs and/or IFSPs.

Assessment Partnerships with Families:

  • Explain how your school will develop an assessment partnership with families. Include specific strategies for involving families and communities in their children’s learning and development.
  • Discuss, using specific examples, how you will use parent conferences to communicate about assessments.
  • Explain how diverse families and community characteristics will be taken into consideration when communicating about assessments.
  • Share at least two professional organizations or assessment-based resources you can provide families with to help them better understand the use of assessments.


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