Describe the difference between (ETIC) and (EMIC) FORMULATIONS


In Chapter 2 of our text “Counseling the Culturally Diverse THEORY AND PRACTICE 8th edition by Sue, Sue, Neville, & Smith (2019) describe the difference between (ETIC) and (EMIC) FORMULATIONS, as they pertain to Counseling approaches. In this discussion thread, imagine you are teaching our class, standing before all your classmates, explaining these concepts so that we will all understand them completely. You might want to include illustrations, either from your own experience or hypothetical. Biblical Scripture is also another good source for illustrating these concepts. As we’re your class, help us to learn how to readily identify the difference between these two similar-looking words (etc and emic)

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Describe the difference between (ETIC) and (EMIC) FORMULATIONS
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