Describe Communication Strategies

In the future, if you would please align your APA level 2 headings with the scoring guide heading, that would be very helpful-it helps me find the criteria and helps to keep you from missing criteria.

Thank you for submitting the first course assessment of locating credible database and research findings as this is a vital skill that baccalaureate nurses must acquire. Please see my feedback in the scoring guide. You will be responsible for sharing current evidence-based findings that will drive positive patient-centered outcomes.

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Describe Communication Strategies
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This assessment is the foundation upon which you will build the additional course assessments. You did a great job following the scoring guide criteria and meeting the assessment requirements. There are some areas that could use improvement, should you choose to do so as noted in the scoring guide below. Students have reported that keeping the scoring guide open side-by-side while they write, helps them not miss criteria.


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