Describe an intercultural experience/encounter that you have had

Describe an intercultural experience/encounter that you have
had. It could include a sojourn, an intercultural interaction, or
exploring your identity in the context of our larger society (e.g.,
what does it mean to be biracial in the U.S.?). You experience
can be past or present, in-person or online. The cultural
differences could be related to the people or the space. The more
there is cultural difference, the more there is for you to reflect on
and write about. It’s also often better if your experience has
happened recently (not the cross-country trip when you were 10
years old). For example, your project could involve visiting a
place of worship, center of faith, ritual ceremony, or other special
cultural space that you are not part of (e.g., if you are Jewish you
should attend a Christian church, a Mosque, Hindu Temple, etc.).
Describe in detail the intercultural experience, including your
feelings, and then apply relevant concepts. How does anxiety
and uncertainty management theory apply to your experience?
What strategies did you use to prepare for your experience and
how did you adapt your communication in your new
environment? Reflect on and analyze your intercultural
experiences in this new (to you) cultural context. If there are
people to talk to while you are there that is a good way to get
more information for your reflection.
In this 5-8 minute informative speech, you will:
1. Provide a thesis statement that marks an intercultural
transition you have experienced.

2. Mark your project as interpretive and your method as
autoethnography. Briefly explain what that means and why
the method is useful. Consider how identities (yours and not
yours) play a role in your transition. Be self-reflexive.
3. Establish purposeful organization. You should use 2-5 main
points in your speech. Make your organization clear, using
previews, reviews, or visuals. Consider cultural variations in
how stories or presentations are organized. A chronological
approach or topical approach to organization are both
useful. Models with stages can offer strategies for
organization (i.e., each main point focuses on a different
4. Apply at least 3 textbook concepts to support your thesis
statement and help unpack the intercultural transition you
experienced. Anything from the textbook and lectures can
be relevant, but the list of concepts below highlight the
more commonly explained and applied course content for
this project. You must guide the class to a deeper
understanding of who you are and how intercultural
communication concepts and theories are relevant to
navigating intercultural transitions.
5. Submit an outline here (see below for further guidance)
6. Post the presentation to the Canvas Discussion. Give your
speech a short a creative title.
Content will be evaluated based on 1) vivid detail of your
personal experience(s), 2) definition of key concepts, and 3)
application of those concepts to your experience(s). Explain how
these experiences (positive and negative) improved your
intercultural communication competence.

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Describe an intercultural experience/encounter that you have had
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