“Descendants of The Sun” and “Goblin “

Descendants of the Sun and Goblin are representative global hit dramas of the Hallyu 2.0 era. If Winter Sonata has captured the hearts of Japanese audiences, then Descendants of the Sun and Goblin‘s success in China stands out.

What do you think is the difference between Winter Sonata and the Descendants of the Sun/Goblin? Is this because of differences in the taste of dramas from country to country, or do you think the global market for Korean dramas has become wider?

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“Descendants of The Sun” and “Goblin “
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 While dramas in the Korean Wave 2.0 era continue to carry the typical K-drama clichés, they also have a universal feature that will be popular with overseas audiences. If K-drama is also popular in your culture, which part of it is especially appealing? If you’ve recently learned about K-drama, which part is attractive to you?


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